Session 5 Intro

When last we left our heroes:

Rorik Venera, Finya Veronda, and Yenovar Belovar confronted the strange man who had arrived at the house of the alchemist who was bitten by a vampire. After coming to the conclusion that this man was not a vampire, and was in fact just a very kinky lover, the adventurers agreed to help him bury the body of the alchemist in her back yard among the withering flowers. After some touching words during the makeshift ceremony, the man, Marceli Kasper vowed to help the party vanquish evil and track down his lover's killer, no matter the cost. Before the party continued on though, they decided to bed down, as the darkness of night was quickly approaching.

Merceli led them to the church that he was staying in, but as they got close, they could hear the screams of a young men shouting "FATHER, FEED ME!" coming from within the chapel. The group was greeted by a large man in dark burgundy robes praying at the alter who Marceli recognized as Donavich, the priest. Donavich told the adventurers the plight of his son who was bitten by a vampire whom he forced into the basement as the turning process was taking place. Eventually, the group convinced Donavich that the old way to help his son, was to end his life.

The fight with Doru, Donavich's son started off badly for Donavich when his head was taken off, but not to be discouraged by small setbacks like these, the heroes continued fighting valiantly against the vampire spawn. Marceli soon met the same unfortunate fate as Donavich, and Yenovar nearly fell as well before the vampire spawn was finally slain.

The party rested in the temple for the night, which Roric was able to recognize as a temple of Lathander, the Morning Lord. As day broke, they group headed back into the cemetery and found the tombstone of another dead adventurer, laid alongside his adventuring gear, as well as with a map of the Land of Barovia, and a note saying "Find the Vistani." Deciding the only way forward lay out of town, the group continued down the lone road leading into the forest where Roric found his body swinging from the gallows. Deciding to leave this ill omen alone, the group continued further into the forest eventually arriving at a clearing with what seemed to be a party going on.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to party, Finya quickly went up to the merry band and started singing along, listening to the tales of the poeople he learned to be the Vistani. As the day wore on and night approached, one of the Vistana approached Yenovar and told him that Madam Eva wished to speak with them. The group arrived at a dimly lit tent, which they soon learned belonged to the fortune teller Madam Eva. There, she told them of their destiny in this cursed land, as well as visions of powerful artifacts and people who would help them on their quest.

This is where we join our heroes. What do you do?


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